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Pinecrest Disc Golf Course opens Sept. 2003 - Green Bay Press Gazette Article September 18, 2003

Green Bay Course Design
           by Pete Boersma

The design intent of this course was to accommodate all levels of play as recommended by what I consider the current design standards "Length Matters" by Chuck Kennedy and Disc Golf Course Designers(DGCD), and the Disc Golf Association(DGA) Design Recommendations. The tee lengths are as follows.
"Rec Tees" 3400 Ft.
"Adv Tees" 4400 Ft.
"Pro Tees" 5200 Ft.
The terrain at this site has great elevation changes that keep the play at all levels challenging. All tees will be clearly marked this coming season.

In the 6 weeks that the course was in it saw heavy traffic. There were many new golfers playing this course and there looks to be lots of interest by newcomers. This I think is due to a reasonable length at the "Recreational tees". The new player will stay involved if it's within reach and fun.

The Advanced and Pro tees should be used by the more experienced Golfers looking for a more challenging course. The Pro tees here play longer then the 5200 Ft. length due to the great terrain features.

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